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Kelli Marolf

Kelli Marolf


As the CFO of Headwaters Architecture, you’ll likely interact with me when it comes to contracts and billing. I do wear several other hats though. I am also the IT department as well as HR!

Being a smaller firm, I jump in where I’m needed, but I prefer back office duties. I start my mornings with a nice walk with Mater and Todd. I also have a kitty, Miss Cleopatra who is sure she is the queen and we are her subjects.

Some of my favorite things to do include hanging with my pets and enjoying a glass of wine in my hot tub. While I also enjoy traveling and camping with friends, the best time involves seeing my grandkids.

Todd Marolf

Todd Marolf


Though I began Headwaters Architecture in 2000, being a 2nd generation architect, I was exposed to this industry at a very early age. I attended Iowa State College, received my degree (40+ years ago) and worked for larger firms in areas such as Phoenix, gaining experience and confidence to step out on my own.

Much of my creative inspiration comes while on my walks in our forests among the pines and oaks. I love being outdoors and sharing these walks with Kelli and Mater, our yellow lab (the office mascot). I believe clients’ best experiences and memories impact their choices for their homes, businesses, and surroundings. I want to help them create that sense of nostalgia, longing and belonging as we put together their haven and make it a reality.

While I love to travel and be outdoors, some of my favorite vacations are visits with my kids and grandkids. I am overjoyed when I see clients that are excited and happy with their project, but really, the ultimate satisfaction in my life is being called “PAWPA”.

Mater The Dog

Mater The Dog

Office Mascot

Some people call me the office mascot and some believe I am the best closer at Headwaters Architecture. Whatever you want me to be I will, because as a yellow lab I am very eager to please. One of my favorite duties is to bring the mail up the steps. I luv our postman!

If you come to our office, I will bring you one of my toys, and wag my tail the whole time. I don’t need you to throw it for me, I’m just letting you know I am well cared for and loved. If you don’t want me around I will sit on my bed and stay away because Mom and Dad (aka Kelli and Todd) have taught me to be a very good boy.

I also like to go to the City offices with Dad. Everyone in Development Services pats my head, scratches my ears and tells me how handsome I am.

I love ‘working’ for Headwaters Architecture!

Whitney Windecker

Whitney Windecker

A true Prescottonian, living and in Prescott for over 30 years and now raising her family here. Whitney has a passion for architecture and design. With multiple interior and exterior design certificates under her belt she is now a part of drafting detailed plans and drawings with our head architect.

Whitney enjoys meeting with clients and creating all their expectations and more.

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